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How do I access this system

The 2019 roster was uploaded on Monday evening, January 14th.  If you are now disabled, did you for get something??

Access to the Online Reservation system is a benefit of membership in the GVR Tennis Club. Members of the GVR Tennis Club are sent a username and temporary password for the system when they join. One must be an Active Annual or Tenant Member of GVR.

Active Annual or Tenant Members of GVR who choose to NOT join the tennis club, may pay to the Tennis Club an approved annual service fee for reservation only capabilities. They will be sent a username and temporary password for the system after they register. Applications may be found at

Either Tennis Club membership or ‘reservation only capabilities’ run from Jan 1 through Dec 31st each year.

Please note, that the Treasurer must manually confirm your GVR Number is active before an account can be created for you. It may take up to 48 hours to get this done. When your GVR number becomes inactive, your account is disabled. Please let the Treasurer know when your GVR number changes.

If you forget your password click on the 'Forgot?’ link to your left. Enter either your username OR your mail address to get a link to reset your password. Requests to reset your password are performed by the system without delay.

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